Queen Victoria

Scenes and incidents of her life and reign.


T. Federick Ball

Jubilee year 1886-1887

Queen Victoria



ON the 20th of June, 1887, Queen Victoria , we trust, complete the fiftieth or Jubilee Year her reign, and in anticipation of that time, as been thought that a book descriptive of scenes and incidents of her life might suitably be published. Owing to the seclusion in which the Queen has mostly lived for some years past many of the present generation seen her, and have no very vivid idea of her as a real person. Whether or not they will know her any better after reading this volume remains to be seen. It is not intended as a book for children, but for those young people who are old enough to take an intelligent view of facts and events. At the time it is hoped that it will meet with acceptance at the hands of those who can remember many of the events here briefly.
It should be borne in mind that this is not exactly a life of Queen Victoria. I have chosen out interesting facts and circumstances from a great many different sources, in order w give my readers some personal idea of the illustrious lady who rules over our island home. If it is looked upon in the light of a biography of the Queen, it will be found that I have left out a great deal more than I have put in. It may serve, however, to awaken an interest which my readers can gratify with the perusal of more voluminous works as they get the opportunity.
And here I must gratefully own my indebtedness to Her Majesty's own deeply interesting Leaves and More Leaves, to Sarah Tytler's Life of the Queen, to the Diary of Royal Movements, and many books, magazines, newspapers, etc., from which I have culled the facts I needed for the preparation of this volume.